AutoMobili Fleet Protection

You can relax with AutoMobili Fleet Protection

Fleet Management

With AutoMobili,
managing your fleet is easy

Businesses exclusively benefit from AutoMobili to handle their fleet management and we pass this benefit on to your employees’ personal vehicles!

With a streamlined and simple process, business owners can trust AutoMobili to help manage their feet with quick service and fluid communication.


15% Off Total Ticket Guarantee

With complete automotive services, maintenance, and major repairs, we ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and at a reasonable price. Don’t let big town dealerships take advantage of you!


Benefits For Your Employees

We want to assist your company in taking care of both your employees and their vehicles. We extend extra benefits to your employees just for being a part of our program!


Free Basic Diagnostics

Most diagnostics are no cost to you! We can look at your vehicle anytime. If a problem requires advanced diagnostic and disassembly, we will let you know if there is a charge.


Priority 1st Bay Service

We understand that unplanned downtime can be harmful to your business, so our Fleet Protection customers get priority access to available bays to get you back on the road FAST!


24/7 Towing

Keeping you on the road is our priority. We understand your needs and provide transportation solutions to meet them.


Free Wash


Memberships Are Absolutely Free

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