Ultimate Safety System

Ultimate Safety System

Safe Driving Beats Hard Braking

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are a safety system for your brakes. They work with your vehicle’s brake system by automatically pumping them when you need to suddenly stop. The wheel of your vehicle has a sensor that will send a message to a controller that releases and applies the brake up to 20 times per second, preventing wheel lock ups.

Think of driving at night and hitting a blind corner only to encounter a deer or other wild animal in the middle of the road. That’s when anti-lock brakes can be a life saver. To ensure your anti-lock brakes are in proper working condition, stop by Automobili in Temple, Texas at 11244 West, TX-36 Temple, TX 76502 or call us at (254) 294-3969 to set up a brake inspection.

We’ll look at the ABS module and inspect the vehicle for broken or a corroded ABS sensor. Another component that may need brake repair is a bad or faulty wheel bearing or dirty tone ring. One last thing to remember is the battery or electrical problems. If these exist, the ABS light may illuminate at start up, or the light may be an amber color. If you suspect anything suspicious with your brakes head on down to Automobili for professional brake repair.

Anti-lock brakes prevent a wheel lock up and keep the vehicle under control when hard braking is required. When wheels lock up, the vehicle has the potential to slide out of control leaving you helpless. Driver education classes taught drivers to pump the brakes to prevent a wheel lock up. Driving conditions and road hazards can catch the best driver off guard. Anti-lock brakes can prevent the unthinkable from happening, leaving you in control of the vehicle.

Vehicles produced today have automatic pumping built into the brake system to help drivers manage braking and prevent sliding, skidding and out of control maneuvers. Anti-lock brakes work with other systems like traction control and electronic stability to deliver a safer driving experience. Anti-lock brakes may be a great invention, don't be fooled. Wheel skids and loss of control can happen if you drive with fatigue, speed, tailgate, or perform unsafe driving maneuvers at any speed. Always maintain a safe distance and be courteous on the road.

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